Ruler Brand Archetype

Your brand is the Ruler Brand Archetype- ready to learn how to use it?

Understand the Ruler Archetype:

The Ruler (or the Leader) is an authority figure that isn’t afraid to take control. Politically savvy, well-connected, and a natural leader, this archetype understands how people and power function. They use their talent for leadership to create prosperity by exerting their control or creating structures and systems. 

The orderly ruler has a nagging fear of chaos or being overthrown by their “subjects,” which, at it’s worst, can lead them to become quite controlling and tyrannical. Under usual circumstances, the Ruler leads responsibly and uses their talents to improve their dominion.  

Often seen in luxury brands – but also seen in brands that offer organizational and planning skills to desperate customers who are seeking to find a way to deal with the overwhelming demands of the chaotic modern world.  Ruler archetypes offer their customers empowerment to become the rulers of their own world. 


The Ruler brand archetype, also known as the boss, leader, aristocrat, role model, manager, queen bee, or administrator thrives on control and order, organization and structure. Their goal is to create a prosperous, successful family, company, or community through exerting or teaching leadership.


Ruler brand archetypes are gifted with natural responsibility and leadership qualities. The act with a natural sense of authority. They thrive with clear job descriptions and roles, hierarchies and power structures.


Rule brand archetypes fear chaos and fear losing their status. They can lapse into being bossy and controlling. Because they understand that the way things look can enhance power, they can get too hung up on issues of image, status and prestige. When sharing their systems and tools with others, they can sometimes lack flexibility in thought – and need to be aware of this and be ready to adapt solutions to fit individual needs.

Brand Voice:

Ruler brand archetypes are often involved in setting standards that govern how things are done. With that in mind, their brand voice is often the voice of reason and of the highest standards. They are the influencers. They are aspirational and matter of fact – laying out the highest achievements that we should want to attain and helping break down how to get there. The Ruler archetype acknowledges that their audience is busy and responsible- juggling many important responsibilities and helps them find products and systems that help them manage those responsibilities in a way to affirm that audience’s power and status (time is money, after all!)

Customer and Brands:

The key to success for a Ruler brand archetype is for the customer to end up feeling like royalty themselves. Whether that is by learning how to feel in charge and in control of their lives or a high status product used by powerful people to maintain their status. This explains why companies as varied as luxury fashion brands and daily planners can share this same archetype. The root of the Ruler archetype is being the master of your domain and bringing order to chaos, and sometimes, that simply means bringing order to our daily lives.

There has been a key shift in marketing within the Ruler archetype. In early years, it used to be that customers were treated like subjects while the brands were treated like the rulers. Brands were kings and customers were told how grand the brands were in order to be sold to. Now, customers are in control and in charge. It is vital to let the customer have power and to never humiliate the customer. It’s human nature that we like to have control and we do not like to be told what to do. If the customer is always right, then with the Ruler archetype, the symbiotic relationship of “together we can be leaders” is key.

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Most brands are a mix of more than one archetype – and two archetypes can be tricky but very rewarding to blend. Below you will find links to all of the archetypes so you can familiarize yourself with other descriptions and characteristics to see if there is one that feels like a better fit for you and your brand. If you are still struggling – feel free to contact me to chat and see if together we can sort out what works best for you!

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