Striking Visual Design

Graphic Design

For a strong visual impact

Brand Visual Consistency

I can help advise you on how best to use your brand visuals to advertise on products, to sell yourself, your company, and your brand.

Why hire a graphic designer with a solid foundation in brand knowledge? A brand specialist graphic designer can help you keep good design across every platform, can help you keep brand consistency, and knows how the visual impact of your brand combines with the overall personality of your image – which increases your chances of meaningful (and profitable) connections with your intended customers. 

Trainer's table logo design in gradient paint on glass windows
Presentation of poster for San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium for Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance in 2019 page layout graphic design

Every touchpoint is important

What Visually Creates Your Brand?

I can get you set up with print marketing collateral materials such as flyers, brochure design, business card design – digital solutions such as social media event banners, social media graphic templates (I can set you up in Canva!), and so much more.  Bring me a problem to solve, and we will see what we can come up with – together!

Guidance and Graphic Design

Individualized Design

Looking for advice on setting up a dropship shop?

Trying to brand your Etsy shop?

Dipping into surface design?

Whatever visual message you want to create, I can help you figure out the solution that fits.

If I don’t have the answer? I have a strong network of professionals that most likely can answer. All of your contact points with your customers can look consistent and professional – and on brand.