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Strategic Brand Design

I design brands that deliver

I bring training & experience in design and brand strategy to help you connect to your desired audience- your customers!  My background in psychology further helps me understand how to design web and marketing materials to appeal to the mind of the consumer.  

What I Offer

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Web Design

Think of your website as your virtual storefront or office - with each paragraph and photo presenting a chance to connect with your customers. How can you make your website work for you?

Brand Design & Logo

Visual brand identity can mean everything from your first logo, to a complete visual strategy across all aspects of your company to a thoughtful refresh of a traditional logo. What does your brand design need?

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Graphic Design

Everything from surface and package design to traditional marketing materials can support your brand efforts. Small details matter. Do you know where to start?

Brand Strategy

Developing your brand takes a plan. How can you make someone trust you and your brand?

Web Maintenance

Website having some trouble? Do you need someone you can trust to maintain and refresh your site?

About me

Experience, Knowledge & Creativity

my name is Jamie Thomson, and I have been working in digital design since 2012. I know that creating and refining your brand and website is intensely personal. My aim is to make that journey smoother and help you bring your vision to life. I am a former psychologist, a trained designer, and a certified brand specialist. That combination makes me uniquely prepared to take the time to listen and get to know exactly what will suit you and your business just right and tailor the design process to you.

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My Work

Effective Visual Communication

No matter the design, I strive to make sure it matches the tone and the target customer.  

Madhatter Promotions Event Planner Melbourne Cocoa Florida HTML web design and website maintenance by Brilliant Blue Designs Royal Oak Michigan

Website Maintenance and Graphic Design

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Brand Design and Website Design

Business Card Design

Brand Design and Website Design

My Design Process

I Listen, I Plan, I Do, I Revise

If you are familiar with design thinking, then you may be familiar with the way best like to do things.  You will be actively involved in all stages of this process as one the sources of information and a vital part of the planning and revision process.  


Interviews are supplemented with research of whatever sort is available and appropriate in the project requirements. 


This stage may not even be visible at all times, but it is the most important.  Concepts and ideas are weighed against the information gathered.


The first design can often be viewed as a prototype- even if that prototype is nearly ready for launch (especially if I did the first two steps well!)


The developed project is reviewed and feedback is given- and revisions are implemented.  Research and planning are revisited as needed.  


Hear What Some of my Customers Have to Say

Sometimes you just want to know what the folks who have been there have to say.