About Me

About Jamie Thomson: Brand Design With Insight and Strategy

Hello! I am Jamie Thomson, and I have been working in digital design since 2012. I know that creating and refining your visual brand is intensely personal. My aim is to make that journey smoother as we bring your vision to life. I am a former psychologist, a trained designer, and a certified brand architect. That combination makes me uniquely prepared to take the time to listen and get to know exactly what will suit you and your business and tailor the design process to you.

My Mission

I aim to deliver strategic design services that are tailored to each business’s needs and target customers. Design works best when it is truly intentional and thoughtful – and I hope to offer only the best – because you deserve it.


You can Expect

Core Values

As a solo service provider and as a part of a collaborative team, there are certain values that I always strive to put above all others.  


My services will always be delivered with a genuine interest in and respect for other people and their experiences. I have always been keenly interested in other people’s journeys and this interest brings a level of care and concern to my work. I will also strive to be clear and communicative about my needs and boundaries in an effort to keep our working relationship stress free and professional.


I recognize that sometimes working as a team - any team - is challenging. I also recognize that our businesses are often intensely personal and extensions of ourselves and our identities. With this in mind, I strive to take my time and listen when others talk about their work and businesses to truly allow what makes each business shine.


Science and creativity can and should work together for you. I work hard to find the correct solution for you – through research and trial – using proper design processes and design thinking. The revision process is as important as the initial brainstorm process. I won't stop until we get everything right and your vision is realized. 

My Certifications & Extra Training 

level c

Certified Brand Specialist

August 2020


Designing a Business

IDEO's Approach to Building a Human Centered Business - Dec 2020

level c

Certified Brand Strategist

February 2021

level c

Certified Brand Architect

April 2022


I work from both home and from a co-working office called Folio in the vibrant downtown area of Ferndale.  I have learned over the years just how important it is to find the right balance of stimulation and quiet to get my productivity and creativity in balance and this split time has always been the best arrangement for me – long before COVID taught the world about work from home and hybrid work schedules.   I often have Wednesday mornings blocked off in my work schedule for an advanced abstract art studio class or for uninterrupted studio time – so I can have some ongoing painting time —    which you can follow if the fancy strikes you at Jamie Thomson art – brilliantbluejay.com.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Brilliant Blue Designs was re-organized to Jamie Thomson Designer to better reflect my personal connection and flexibility in working with other professionals. While at one time I had hoped to expand into a proper agency, I am happy operating as essentially a sole freelancer free to collaborate with other agencies or to operate one on one with other professionals.   I can easily work with individuals, companies, or do contract work. It’s the sort of flexibility that many in my field share, but while Brilliant Blue Designs was my main moniker, it wasn’t quite clear I was open to that flexibility.

In 2017, I moved to Michigan when my husband got a job in automotive, and shortly thereafter Digidonkey closed its doors. Today, a few of my customers date back to those days working in Cocoa Village all these years later. They like to give me a hard time during the cold winter months and I take it with as much good humor as possible on the bleakest of February days. You may notice that even four years later, I still have the 3-2-1 area code on my phone number to remind me of the days of rockets and space shuttles (yes, I lived there when space shuttles still took to the skies!) rocked my house on a regular basis.

In 2012, I founded Brilliant Blue Designs while also working as a web designer under DigiDonkey Web Design in Cocoa Village – I was building up my graphic design skills as a freelance designer. Many designers out there will recognize the move. I needed the LLC mainly to file taxes- I didn’t mean to be a freelancer – in fact, I spent all of my time as a psychologist adamant that I absolutely did not want to work for myself, ever! 

I wasn’t always a designer. I started out my professional career as a professional psychologist, getting my doctorate at the tender age of 27. As anyone who has been a 27 year old might know, I was not prepared at that time to decide what I truly wanted to do with the rest of my life, and I lasted doing therapy every day for approximately seven years and three state changes (which included re-applying to licensure each time) before I decided maybe I needed to pursue something a bit more aligned with both my personality and my true interests. You see, I have always had a love of art and creative pursuits – and psychology was fulfilling in many ways, but was also intensely draining.  I needed to find my passion to balance out that drain.