This is a standard half hour consultation with various online/phone meeting options.  If you need a longer meeting, we can determine that during our initial consultation and discuss rates that time.  I will need your agreement or a prior payment discussion to arrange that, which is why it is not offered as a self booking option.  I thank you for your understanding!  

Please wait for my confirmation on our meeting - I appear to be having some trouble getting my availability to properly sync across my calendars so there may be some disagreement on whether I am as available as my calendar shows me to be.  I will be as thorough and prompt as possible in checking my schedule and getting back to you.  Thank you so much!
If you would like to text me to check on availability, feel free to do so at 321-474-4830 (or call and leave a voicemail!). You can also email me at [email protected]. If I am in the middle of a scheduled block of work time, on a walk with the dogs, or driving, I do not pick up the phone, so messages are the best, most reliable way to get a hold of me, no matter the time.